Sunday, August 4, 2013

Blox Pro: Live Wallpaper v1.0.10b-pro

Blox Pro: Live Wallpaper v1.0.10b-pro 2.3 up beautiful 3D live wallpapersuper-cool parallax depth effect. dividual blocks slowly varyir heights reactr finger movements . detection movements needed parallax effect worksst sgyrscope sensor. However,re alsoexperimental parallax compatibility mode that uses standard accelerometer senswhich should available almosts.

Because Wallpaper show upr Apps. setr homescreen have long-pressr homescreen until wallpaper chooser dialog pops up. Select Live Wallpapersn Blox Pro. edit Wallpaper settingsreo.


- OpenGL accelerated 3D graphics

- Customizable colors

- Super-parallax depth effect

- Dynamic lightsource: followsr finger reacts parallax effect

- Animated change block colors tapping homescreen

- Dynamic shadows

- Adjustable rendering quality

3D rendering quality adjusted settings meetr characteristics. reduced settings Live Wallpaper ran fine old Huawei 800MHz single core processI found my drawer; however full 3D graphics experiencemid-range high-end recommended.

Dynamic light parallax have almost performance impact at all, free version runs fine r pro version shouldo.

What's New


- Fixedmemory leak that could occur screenientation change


- Customizable block size appearance settings

-creased default rendering quality

- Improveduch response

- Colpickerw uses last edited colas base color

- Changed default colors