Friday, January 31, 2014

Shazam Encore v4.3.0-JB81293 Proper Patched

Shazam Encore v4.3.0-JB81293 Proper Patched 2.3.0 up Shazam recognizes music media playing around.

Tap Shazam buttonstantly match,n explore, buy sh. Shazam EncorefersShazam experienceout banner ads. Shazam much want!

Once’ve Shazamedmething,:

○ Buy tracks Amazon MP3 Google Play

○ AvailableAndroid tablets

○ Watch videosTube

○ See whatr friends have Shazamed

○ Use LyricPlay sing along streamed lyrics

○ Listen music Shazam Rdio Spotify

○ Check out artist’s bio discography

You also

○ Preview saver favourites

○ Sh what Shazam Twitter, Facebook & Google+

○ Shazam even whenn’t have any coverage; Shazam match when haveconnection get back result

○ Shazamr phone’s home screen Shazam Widget

Upgrade Shazam Encore Shazam experienceout banner ads.


* Previews available: US, UK, DE, FR, CH, AT

* Lyrics LyricPlay available: US, CA, UK, FR,, DE, ES, AU, NZ.

* Spotify available: AR, AT, AU,, BG, BO, BR, CH ,CL, CO, CR, CY, CZ, DE, DK, DR, EC, EE, ES, FI, FR, GB, GR, GT, HK, HN, HU, IE,,, LI, LU, LV, MT, MX, MY, NL,, NZ, PA, PE, PL, PT, PY, RO, SE, SG, SK, SL, TH, TR, TW, US, UY.

* Shazam supports s cellular connection

MIPS s supported

Whyes Shazam needse app permissions?

What's New


Connect Rdio listenr Shazam tracksRdio playlist.

Minbug fixes.


Proper Patched versionfinity, Amazon Appstore needed!

Explore function works! Google Maps shows!

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Original Use lucky patcher