Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dropsync PRO v2.5.1

Dropsync PRO v2.5.1 v2.0+ Rock-solid, battery efficient, full two-way(!) sync client Dropbox.

Keepr phone/tabletr Dropbox sync attimes. Rock-solid, battery efficient, full two-way(!) sync client Dropbox.

"Just like desktop version Dropbox, Dropsync supports true two-way data synchronization." --New York Times

"Takepicturer phone watch’s already waitingr laptop when get home." --phandroid .com

"I bought 5 or apps likee,thislye that didn't crashsynchronizing my large Photo & Video folder" --One satisfied user

"Must have app.w my phone - computer - tablet e!" --Anor satisfied user


* Full two-way sync. Just like Dropbox desktop

*stant upload: news (fexample photos) uploaded Dropbox immediately, need wait next autosync cycle

* Very efficient, consumes almost batteryre change detected slowwnr phone eir

* Very easy set up.ce set ups kept syncout any effort users

* Works reliably under ever changing network conditionsr phone

* Monitors battery level, WiFi/3G/4G/WiMax connectivity adaptsshaviaccording user preferences

* Configurable autosyncterval: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, every hour,...

* Tasker/Locale plugin allow power users definephisticated sync schedules conditions

* Compact code size, memory efficient, fancy graphics, useless animation. We have enough bloatw.e thingst

Bew thatre apps outre Market which claim ing syncin fact whatye-way uploadwnload.

Dropsync provides essential feature, two-way sync, which should ficial Dropboxroid sinceginning. whatever reasonn't stilln't.w have.

serious Dropbox user want flexibility, please consider upgrading PRO version.


* Sync multiple folders

* Sync whole Dropboxfolderr phone tablet

* Uploads larger than 5 MB

* ads, course

We proud delivering great technical support,users, free runto any problem have questions/suggestions, n't hesitate contact us via email at appself, just go Settings -> Support.

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Recent changes:

runto any problems,n't just rate 1-star. Please contact, get faster support.

Version 2.5.1

✓ Put Syncw button action bar easy access

✓ Added option limit max sizewnload

✓ Added option allow/disallow autosync certain WiFi networks (SSIDs)

✓ Updated translations

✓ Bug fixes

Note:pro features available. key needed.

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