Thursday, August 1, 2013

Galaxy S4 Theme HD v2.2

Galaxy S4me HD v2.2 4.0 up Samsung Galaxy S4great . fully Galaxy S4med launcherw here.roid 4.0+ sly.

Caution: Apex Launcherva Launcher. iconscluded workva Launcher.

3. need have Apex Launcherva Launcherstalled. accessible app drawer. have applyme settings Launcher.

Some icons like app drawer may changeself. Changem manually.


1. Full HDme.

2. 7 HD 1920x1920 px Stock Wallpapers S4.

3. 40 HD 144x144 px Stock Icons. background removediginal S4 Launcher. app drawer app tabs.

6. 3rd party icons.

7. Widget re-sizermed likeiginal S4 re-sizer.

8. Minchanges like Appfo,med like S4.

9.iginal S4 font!

To make App Drawer transpnt, go Apex Settings > Drawer > Set Transpncy.

50%f sale. Getw!

me updated frequently. Please leavereviewyou like.

You visit XDA Thread here:

Thankslot sarkar1990 testing supporting me.

Alsobig thanks Chinese supporting me.

So enjoyw!

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