Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Blog HD v1.0.3

Summer Blog HD v1.0.3 2.3+ Summer blog,vitesr childrenvirtual fairytale, wherey encouraged help ors have fun. captivating story designed children age 5 - 12.ld throughout ten distinct colorful levels game.

virtual fairytale narrated real unique voices. voiceover colorful 3D visualizations Summer blog allowmorevolded experience children.

Redbee, developers Lithuania, presentingnew game, that draws childrento mood make pnts worry that children spend time front aggresive computer screen - game Summer blog, designed smartphones tablets,vitesr childrenvirtual fairytale, wherey encouraged help ors have fun.

We werespired create gameown children;y were testerso! We hopeterestingly kids,fir pnts well - we have metpnt yet, who would haveir phones occupiedirfspring…and usually,waiting redeemtight clasp small palms, fars mors worry content games.

We want prove virtual games evil. gamemagic tale about three children who help Pookumooku,smallest creature save childrenir district nightms… encouragesm seek creativelutions afraid nightms. Welieve could playedfore sleep,interactive fairytale, –said developers Redbee.

game based mysterious adventurese summer holiday characters Summer blog. Each characters own distinct appearance mood, player choose attractivee – Sarah, Kai Oscar. Later,bored choice, player able change violence game,ly merry adventures: jump run, run mini boss, explore. characters need passcreatureo friendly,y distract feedingmorange – why shouldy hitmeone? characters Summer blog die,y failtask. meansng players won‘t need start levelover again, would happen computer games.


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