Saturday, August 3, 2013

The adventures of Zip v1.0 cracked

adventures Zip v1.0 2.2+

Meet Zip,rabbit,herodangercarrots.

Guider hero through 4 unique worlds over 40 levelsquest rescuing friends bringing back peace atest. Journey through darkest cornersest, bravely explore frozen Ice Lands, heroically adventure through depths hidden Caves.

A unique fast-paced yet simple jump run adventure.gameout violence fit bothng adults. Prepadventure filled amazing graphics,hero that awesome he pink Carrots!

A new twist platforming genre, amazingly simple yet addictive play.gamespired classics genre,game easy pick upnot that easy master,adventureawesome rabbit!

Super simple controls! Just tap buttons - Zip rest!n’tget carrots though. Zip loves carrots!

Use trampolinesr advantage! Jump get higher. Jump run away. Jump avoiding caught bad guys. Jump collect carrots. Jumpcause fun!

Use environment! Wake up plantsest creatures, activate traps teleport away trouble (into).

Run away bad guys. than 10 different bad guys handle!

Explore 4 different gorgeous worlds filled adventure!

Game features:

+ Unique new twist classic platformer gameplay.

+ 4 amazing worlds explore.

+ Adorable super heroic rabbit protagonist.

+ than 10 different bad guys. ( Also adorable )

+ High Definition Graphics.

+ Optimizedandroid s.

+ than 40 levels!

+ Bonus! Levels.

+n-violent gameplay.

+ Addictive!

+ Easy!

+ Fun bothng adults!