Sunday, September 30, 2012

Free|Escape The Ape v1.0.0

Escape Ape v1.0.0 Ҩ Snappzmarket | Snappzmarket alternative | Snappzmarket review:roid 2.1 higher Ҩ Snappzmarket | Snappzmarket alternative | Snappzmarket review: Wild jump action escapescary gorilla, Escape Ape !! Ҩyou fall, die. Wanna live?n, jump!! Ҩ JoJo,chimp that runsgigantic ape, climbs up trees get away. Ҩ Jump up high speed or moves Escape Ape !! Ҩ JoJo monkeyftreasure hunt search legendary jewel tropical jungle. Ҩ Finally, he gets hands jewel...butenormous gorilla statue that protects comes life!! Ҩ Help JoJo escape humongous ape jumping up trees. Ҩ drawline createtrampoline that bounces JoJo upp. Ҩ Go up highyou snag jewels bananas. But, cful! Try avoid rotten bananas or obstacles! Ҩ Ҩ [break] Ҩ FEATURES! Ҩ *** Trampolines Draw *** Ҩ Unlike or games that havefoothold jump, drawline createjumping spot Escape Ape. Ҩ Drawlinelow JoJo atdesired angle position.metimes, might need draw linesforehand support chimp. Ҩ *** Combo Jumps *** Ҩ Createtrampoline JoJo at just right place getSuper~ Combo Jump! Ҩ *** Banana Jumps *** Ҩ Quenchr thirst banana juice. Fill upr glass getting bananas bounce up even farr away when're trouble! Ҩ *** Jewel Collections Upgrades *** Ҩ Collect jewels upgraderems reachp! Ҩ *** Rankings Challenges *** Ҩ Competer friends participate or diverse challenges! Ҩ ? game supports English, français, Deutsch, ????, ????, ??? ?? ? Ҩ /> Ҩ <input type="button" value=""> Ҩ Ҩ Downloadstructions: Ҩ Ҩ