Sunday, September 30, 2012

Free|Wrestling Revolution (PPV) 1.16 (Android)

Wrestling Revolution (PPV) 1.16 (Android)

Overview: Enjoy revolutionaryuch-screen wrestling game atsst PPV!

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Market Update Released: September 29, 2012

Price: $1.02

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What’s New Wrestling Revolution (PPV) APK version 1.16:

- A whole new card matches featuringzens new characters.

“A smart idea.” – Guardian

“Brilliantly written…’ll laugh out loud at promos.” – Cageside Seats

Asongoing work progress, Wrestling Revolution world’s “episodic” wrestling game – featuring regular storylines match-ups that would expectTV show. Exceptgame pans out differently each time play!

This spectacular “Pay-Per-View” edition features whole cards matches that wereofschool. Witnessmer favourite stars squ up dream matches shir thoughts revolution – culminatingmassive 10-man tag showdown20-man Battle Royal.

Each show also featuresspecial “Mystery Guest” segment, where players getchance createir own wrestler – who could even win chancecomepermanent part game.

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