Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dolphin Browser v10.0.2 Beta1

Dolphin Browser v10.0.2ta1 v2.2+ Browser(Formerlylphin Browser HD) world's Gesture,nar Add-on enabled mobile web browserroid.

Downloadlphin's free mobile browser join 50 million plus who enjoy exclusive featureselite mobile web browser.

Dolphin Browser FASTEST, EASIEST FUN mobile web browser availablelphin Mobile Browser(Formerlylphin Browser HD world's Gesture,nar Add-on enabled mobile web browserroid.

★ #1 Mobile Web Browserroid Market

★ Over 10,000,000talwnloads

★ #2 CNET’s 100roid Apps 2011

★ #1 PC Mag’s " 40st Free Apps 2011"

★★★★★lphin Browser's Gestures sidebars make Web surfing fast,tuitive funon go. - USAday

★★★★★ “…it’sgreat, simple browser that feels at hometouchscreen than pretty much anything else’ll try. - Lifehacker


★nar –lphin listens lets user voice searchternet, shr favoritecial networks, bookmarkr favorite website, navigatefromr phone tablet browser

★ Gesture - Letrner artist out createpersonal Gesture (symbol) access mobile desktop websites use.

★ Add-on –ef upr mobileternet browser experiencestalling Add-ons tasks need atr fingertips. than 60 counting,lphin Add-ons enables any actionne rightin mobile browser. check out Add-on features 3 preloadedr right Sidebar.

★ Webzine - Fast Web page loading, ads.lphin Webzine simplifies way readr favorite mobile content, news blogs websites. Webzinew availableAdd-onroid Market.

★ Speed Dial - Visitr favorite mobile desktop websites goeuch.

★ Tabbed browsing - needggletween screens, tabbed browsing lets open switchtween Web pages fast lightning.

★ Sidebars - Makest mobileterface vialphin Sidebar.

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Here couplefeatures that addrlphin Mobile Browserstallinglphin Add-ons:

•lphin Webzine

• Boxlphin


•lphin QRCode Sh

• Bookmark SD

•lphinTube Search

•lphin eBay Search

•lphin Alexa Rank

• PDF Viewerlphin

• Web PDF

•lphin Translate

•lphin Brightness

•lphin Password Manager Lite

• Password Manager Pro

• Lastpasslphin Browser

• Xmarkslphin

•lphin Google Services

•lphin Reader

• Google Readerifier


•lphin Screen Cut

•lphin Tweet

• Bookmarks Widget

•lphin Desktopggle

What's New

+New UI design.

+Web App Store: Easily add popular web appsr home screen

+Home screenw supports drag & drop grouping speed dialsto folders, 60+ speed dial slots

+Dolphin key: single swipe access browser menu, tab list Gesture/Sonar

+Search directlyin Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia, eBay,tube, Twitter Facebook URL bar

+Flash support re-enabled settings

+mes & Night Mode haveen updated v10.stall updated versions Google Play

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