Saturday, August 3, 2013

iCoyote v6.4.1

iCoyote v6.4.1 2.x higer (?) Coyote uses satellite technologystantly sh fixed, traffic light mobile camera locations, speed limits, trafficcidents –.s-built GSM/GPRS modem constantly communicates Coyote servers send rightformation at right time, according location speedr vehicle.

That’s– Coyote also lets add new mobile camera locations shm rest Coyote Community atuchbutton. wher’re travelling car, bike, van coach, using Mini Coyote,’ll company than 800,000 Coyote Scoutswatching out cameras, 24 hoursday.

Standard cost: 1 month free trial, 11,99€ / month, 1 year: 49,99€ (4€/month)

This version: Every month have clear data app givenew email ( supported very easy unlimited emails)

Thanks great MoKiChU.

Countries full support camera detection: France,lgium, Spain,aly, Luxembourg, Nerlands, Czech Republic, United Kingdom

Countries support dangerous zones:orra,lgium, Croatia, Spain, Finland, mainland France, Hungary, Ireland,aly, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg,rway, Nerlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia , United States.

iCoyote application consumes 300kb per hourrmal mode 3mb per hour map mode.

It up checkr phone operatapplying rates.

Fuse abroad, check that data roaming rater operatuses, compatibleprolonged use application.

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