Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden v1.2 (full)

Abyss: Wraiths Eden v1.2 (full)

http://snappzmarkets.blogspot.com/: 2.3 up

http://snappzmarkets.blogspot.com/: Plungetoendlessly enthralling sea adventure!

Ready strapr oxygen mask? Famed underwater explorer Robert Marceau disapped under mysterious circumstances,w fiancée must descend gloomy depths ocean find him. Ventureto unknown unsettling watersvestigate sunken city Eden,w controlled demons, find hidden objects confront eerie sea monsters heart-pounding quest savemissing diver!

● 40 dazzling exotic underwater locations

● 16 unique hidden object scenes search

● 22 mini-games,cludingunusualmino game

● Three difficulty modes: casual, advanced expert

●-depth Strategy Guide

What's new:

Investigatesunken city controlled demons savemissing diver!

- Game showstopperen fixed

- Minbugs fixes improvements.



Downloadstructions: credit muzhiwan