Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Game Releases • thall, a game that literally breaks your phone screen

Thall;Ultimate 2 player tap tap battle
Android 3.2 above
tap tap battle? 2 player finger tap party game?tap tap fun game? Ice breaker game? Conversation starter game? what ever call, fun game sure givee hellawesome single player / 2 player finger tap battle gaming experience.
Feeling bored class? lookingfun 2 player finger tap battle game playr friend class? wanted break icesmart girl boy class thoughfun game? All have take gamem play. fun single/2 player finger tap game help get engagedr buddies. complex gamingvolved. All have just tap tap tap tap button!


Thallsocial game which played eir single player mode two player mode.
2 Player Mode:
There 2 buttons eir side screen. cute little worm "Thall" present at centre screentween two flags. aim each player makecute little worm "Thall" reach flag at opponents side. played two players simultaneously tapping button presentir side screen.e who taps faster wins battle.
2 player mode addictive part game. sectionten bringsst 2 player fun gaming times 2 player mode makes players aggressive that may even break screenir phone tablet.sten fun play 2 player mode break icenew friend.
Single player Mode:
In moderee button. given 30 seconds tap fast. who ever got highest tap tap frequency getsp scorers list