Sunday, October 20, 2013

Next Launcher Luxury 3D Theme v2.0.1

Next Launcher Luxury 3Dme v2.0.1 2.3.3 up HDme fNext Launcher 3D, Smart Launcher,va Launcher, Action Launcher, ADW Launcher, Holo Launcher, Apex Launcher,LO Launcher, TSFll и Go Launcher!

Attention! Please make sure that have purchasedstalled latest version Next Launcher 3D,va Launcher Smart Launcher!

likedme, please,signrating! Thank very muching us!


• 10 high resolution wallpaperme (1920x1080) (FNext Launcher - choosewallpaper via Next Wallpaper)

• 225 special icons

• replace everything application icons (nowredifferentme icons)

• How applyme:

Next Launcher:

- Menu->mes->Installed-> "Luxury 3D"

Smart Launcher:

- Preferences Smart Launcher->me-> "Luxury 3D"

-n:me-> Settings->me drawer-> "Luxury 3D"

Nova Launcher:

- Menu-> Settingsva-> Look Feel-> Iconme-> "Luxury 3D"

Action Launcher:

- Settings-> Display-> Icon pack-> "Luxury 3D"

ADW Launcher:

- Settings->mes-> "Luxury 3D"

Holo Launcher:

- Settings-> Appearance Settings-> Icon pack-> "Luxury 3D"

Apex Launcher:

- Apex Settings->me Settings-> "Luxury 3D"

SOLO Launcher:

- Appearance->lomes-> "Luxury 3D"


-ck-> Settings->me(me mix)-> Icons-> "Luxury 3D"

Go Launcher:

- GOmes-> Settings-> Icons->me icon-> "Luxury 3D"

- Preferences-> Visual settings-> Icons->me icon-> "Luxury 3D"