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Easy Battery Saver v3.3.3 Ad-Free

Easy Battery Saver v3.3.3 Ad-Free v2.1+ Save power, extend battery life perfect experience using phone Easy Battery Saver!

Doesr phone always need charging, evenceday?

Doesr phone always die at crucial moment due running out battery?

Want findperfectlution?

Nowr answer!

Save power, extend battery life perfect experience using phone Easy Battery Saver!

Easy Battery Saverpowerful yet easy use power manager app specifically designed extend battery life optimize using habit.

Easy Battery Saver savesr batterytelligently dealing phone’s network connectivity, screen time out screen brightness. What’s, considerable sleep schedule setting saver battery when sleeping.

Easy Battery Saver easy use four preset saving modes advanced customized mode. Just choosee mode, battery problems go away.

General Saving Mode, basic network control, screen control sleep schedule meetrrmal battery saving needs.

Intelligent Saving Mode, eight different controls runstelligently save battery than general saving mode.

Super Power Saving Mode, keepr phone's standby time long possible; won't have worry about wherr phone dies at crucial moment due running out battery any.

Advanced Customized Mode,st choice fanciers; set values like, letr phone runningr way., waiting find!

Normal Mode,hingr battery.

Also, tutorials Easy Battery Saver tell how deal multi tasking how charger battery healthily.

No matter what situation, matter who , Easy Battery Saver always findsuitablelution.

Just havetry,’ll find reallygoodsistant! free!



* Optional modes that easy choose

* Visualized battery status main page


* Save than 50% battery

* Extend battery working life


* Battery consumption list real-time runningems

* Simple,teractive helpful tutorial

*ice how use batterytter

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Recent changes:

1. Fixme bugs

2. Addplatform users help each or find power-saving apps each category accordingme users' feedback.

We still working feedback users .

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