Monday, December 23, 2013

Flashy Kaleidoscope LWP v1.7.4

Flashy Kaleidoscope LWP v1.7.4 2.2+ Live Wallpaper rendersanimated kaleidoscope effect.Psychedelic flash guaranteed!


- Choose over twenty different background images chooseimager personal media library!

- Choose different patterns symmetry.

- length kaleidoscope adjustable.

- Light absorption mirrors adjustable.

- Rotation speed kaleidoscope rate background variation adjustable.

-teract kaleidoscopeuch!


TO USE: home->menu->wallpapers->live wallpapers

have any problems, please feel encouraged givingbad ratinges help cause.

Bywnloading application, agree End User License Agreement:

Permission remark: fullternet access permission needed Admob ads free versions Google licensing service full versions. We guarantee that used any or purpose!

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