Thursday, December 26, 2013

RPG Record of Agarest War v1.32

RPG Record Agst War v1.32 2.2+ *** celebrate release upcoming Xmas holidays, We troducing Record Agst War atspecialtroductory price 900 Yen (around $9 US) 40%Figinal price 1500 Yen (around $15 US) through December 31, 2013. ***

HyperDevbox proud announce that massively popular tactical role-playing game (J-RPG) home video game consoles, Record Agst War (English version),w availableroid.


It end age gods...age that ended whento oblivion opened.

re were five continents world Agst, eache piercedgreat pillar thatweredward sky.searing monuments were godsmselves.

ginningstory end age myth findir start continent Lucrellia whenyoung man named Leonhardt sacrifices everything, even future children, protectelven girl. At death'sor, he pledges himselfcontract...

This final tale gods;story wovenuls across generations...

Game features :

* Witnessul Breed system! Choosebride at endr adventure give birth hero next generation!

* Positionrces battlefield wait right moment stringger massive combo attacks using multiple party members both melee at range!

* Over 100 hours gameplay packedto 1.8 GB data

* 59 outstandingundtracks

* Full 720p HD graphicsets

* 40 cut scene videos

* Fully voice acted 16,000 character voices

* Over 400 different Magic spells Battle skills

* Over 400 Enemies Characters

* Capture monsters joinr army

* Story stretching 5 Generations heroes

* Enhanced battle systemcluding combo system, break overkill

* Support fulluchterface, keyboard key mapping external controllers

* Xperia Play optimized

* Compatible MOGA controllers .

* Automatic save backup Google Cloud through Google Play Game Services.

* Support Leaderboards Achievements through Google Play Game Services.

* Language: English text Japanese voices.


- 5 x Additional Dungeons DLC available at charge store, or DLC necessary complete game.

- needwith at least 1.8GB free space.

-re1.8GB OBB additional datawnload completestallation WIFI "ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY"goodse patienceo,stallation may take 15mn 30mn complete basedrternet network configuration/our servers congestion, everybody servedplease patient.

-re"in-game" FAQ case haveme trouble duringstallation please take time read should have problems.

- Game set, default, use HIGHEST resolution graphic settings available please adjust option screen shouldr little "just" support full hires data.

-High-End highly recommendedst gaming experience.

version 1.3x

.Fixed charactervisible 3rd generation.

.Fixed buttonvisible when receivingwillpower.

.Fixed numerous mininvisible UIsues.

.Fixed crash when using Google Game Services.