Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pixel Gun 3D PRO Minecraft Ed. v4.2.1 [Unlimited Coins]

Pixel Gun 3D PRO Minecraft Ed. v4.2.1 [Unlimited Coins] 2.0.1 up version epic pixel shooter - Pixel Gun 3D

Create skins play multiplayer matches!

Now haveperfect chance battler friends, classmates colleagues anyone else around world! create customizer character usingspecial skins makern showf battlefield!


- Awesome guns & melee weapons! Redstonenon, Glock, AK47, M16, Desert Eagle, Pistol, Uzi, Shotgunlot new powerful weapons. Try findm all!

- New HUGE maps: Silent Hill School, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Prison, Slender Manest, Winter Wonderland, Plants Utopia, Secrettress,le Zombies, Deadly Creeper Pyramids, HorrHospital , Black End World , Dawn Dead Ner City &ors! Special maps parkour jump fans!

Also New Counter Strike like maps De Dust!

- Hardcore bounty gameplay!

- Worldwide & Local Deathmatch Multiplayer

- Cooperative mode. Try co-op missions destroy zombiesr friends!

- Awesomeund effectsngs!graphics physics!


In survival moder pixel hero appears Pixel Block World, full zombies enemies walkingover…n't let seeds fear grow upr head! I need destroy enemies survive!

Numbers enemies constantlycrease aftershort game time'll have hordes zombies attackingsides, thatnot relax, trip... like terraria full zombies. When dead come closedgeir attacks shoot likehunter run away.modern battlefield pack textures zombies. Guider hero!

You need choose gun shoot emwn, imagine ops. Destroy zombiesr road map open portal next fields! Craftr battle extreme survival game vs. enemies! left 4 dead deadly na havelye mission: makecounter strike enemy attack! cheats!ly hardcore gameplay! Freer mind...Try 2 survive!

Check outFPS shooter different mods, like survival, time trial multiplayer mod.ofm work ok several servers, that’s whyy work perfect!

fan Minecraft Pocket Edition ( pe ), Survivalcraft Cops N Robbers Mini Game - need try awesome shooter!

Thank comments, we really appreciate.

(Itfull version game,demo litee)

what's new:


- New upgrades weapons.

We keep improving system stability. We hope that that momentreftw bugs at all!


Downloadstructions: credit muzhiwan