Friday, January 24, 2014

AirDroid – Best Device Manager v2.0.8

AirDroid -st Manager v2.0.8 2.1+, Web

AirDroidfree fast app that helps managerroiddesk web browser,over air.

AirDroid philosophy:

※e less cable.

Move thingsfrroid outUSB cable. Even when nearby.

※e less screen.

Send receive SMSr big-screen computer,outing distracted small-screen thing.

※e less worry.

Locate lockrroid when’s lost.not get back? wipedata remotely.

Media coverage:

※ “This app allows take complete controlrroid viar computer's Web browser.” - PCWorld

※ “I'm sending text SMS messages myroid phone via my browser. I't stress how great that.” - Gizmodo

※ “It'sremarkably comprehensive app, operates securely,freewnload.” - Lifehacker

※ “It's little things, things that make AirDroidjoy use, which make app year.” -roid Police

Key features:

※ Desktop SMS

Send & receive SMS comfortr computer. Faster typing navigation full keyboard large screen.

※s Media

Move photos, videos, ringtones any orsfroid,withoutUSB cable.

※ Find Phone

Locate lockrroid when’s lost.not get back? wipedata remotely.

※ Manage Apps

Easier way app search,stallation apk export.

※ Camera Screenshot

See through lensrroid camera, front back. stream screenrroid nearly real-time.

※ Phone Calls, Clipboard , Url transfer

Call contact, sh clipboard content, push urlroid features awaitingr discovery.

AirDroid community:

What's New

New features:

1. Customize name (usefulyou have multiple s).

2. Turn/off flashlight Camera.

3. Drag & Dropstween folderss

Bug fixes & Improvements

1. Restored widget size 4x1.

2. Fixed “crash launch”sueme users.

3. SMS: paste multiple phone numbers recipient field.

4. New languages: Vietnamese Serbian.

5.Or bug fixes improvements.

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