Sunday, January 19, 2014

Apparatus v1.2.1

Apparatus v1.2.1 OS 1.6+ Buildcomplex machine performsimple task.

Buildcomplex machine performsimple task.

Apparatusgame about setting up simple mechanical structures

movee several marbles goal.

"A real life-sapper. Getto Apparatus atr peril – lose hoursr life!" - (Score: 9.5/10)

Connect cables batteries motors, build bridges, set up teetertters,

swing ropes, build vehicles, just let marble havehappy roller coaster

ride goal!

Use hammer wrench connect planks, wheels or objectsger.

Use control panel controlr creations,monster truck,mechanical rifle anything imagine!

Creativity essential gameplay Apparatus.youn't have patience figure

out challenge levels, why just play around physics sandbox build whatever

comes mind? Upload shr levels community sectionwnload

comment or players' levels.

early levels teach how play game go throughme basic concepts.

progress freedom levels provide,levels

belveddifferent ways.

Every time completelevel, goto freebuild mode modify level

however make leveltter, just harder, might want

upload community section let or people playr modified level.


Officially supported phones tablets:

* Nexuse

* Samsung Galaxy S

* Samsung Galaxy S II (Please disableund! crashesund, we're workingfix!)

* HTC Desire HD

* HTC Desire

* Samsung Galaxy Tab

* ZTE Blade

* ZTE Light

* Acer A500 Tablet

* Motorola Xoom

A minimum processspeed 600MHz recommended.screen resolution 800x480 higher recommended game runs lower resolutions.

What's version : (Updated : Jan 17, 2014)

Fixedbug that causedme levels "collapse"


Downloadstructions: rel. : chathu_ac