Sunday, January 19, 2014

Superuser v1.0.2.8

Superuser v1.0.2.8 2.2 up | Root Grant manage Superuser rightsr phone.


Issuesstalling upgrading anor Superuser SuperSU? Try recovery zipstallation linkedlow.

Appsing denied? Disable "Decld Permission" setting, delete "Deny" policies.

This app requires that already have root,custom recovery image work.

Appsing remembered? Start superuser app make sure su binary up date.


* Multiuser support


* Pin protection

* Manifest permission support

* Per app configuration

* Request timeout

* Logging


* Proper Tablet UX

Why anor Superuser?

* Superuser should openurce.'s gateway rootr . must opendependent security analysis. Obscurity (closedurce) security.

* Superuser should NDK buildable.ternalroid references.

* Superuser should also AOSP buildable those that want embedir ROM.

* Superuser should also AOSP embeddable, meaningROM easily embedtoir Settings app.

* Maintenance updates both marketurce repositories should timely.

*something goes wrong, I fix.

* Handle multiuser (4.2+) properly

* Handle concurrent su requests properly

Manualstallation recovery zip:

Recommendedyou havingstallationsues rooted

What's New

Several vulnerability fixes: CVE-2013-6768, CVE-2013-6769, CVE-2013-6770

Supportroid 4.3

Security Fix, see here disclosure:

Added translations

X86stallation fixes

Fix crashese 2 (caused dumpstate)

Fix gingerbread crash


When su called,ify usersu out date.

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