Friday, January 24, 2014

Weapon Chicken v2.1 [Unlimitrd Gold]

Weapon Chicken v2.1 [Unlimitrd Gold] 2.1+ MARKET!

Good News:

Weapon Chicken - Fighting!

In game, playheavily armed task advancing courage through three wonderful worlds where variety kinds monster appear. deeper advance, dangerous monsters. afraidw?

Don't worry. Meanwhile chicken could refuel supplies even improve power bullets.

Game 3D well designed. However,'stally free fullyhope that guys enjoying playing.

This high quality gamely existsroid Market. Come join game enjoy fun.

Game Features:


1. Slide left stick move around,

2. Slide right stick shoot monsters.


Always pay attentionkinds suppliescluding:

1)kinds bullet packages

2) Medical kits

3) Transformto tank firing horrible bullet.


1) Tryrst fight through levels three amazing worlds

2) Collect much gold

3) Improver global rating.


With gold acquired game, armr chickstrongerlider Weapon Shop.

See wonderful battle skills videolow.

New features:

1. Add snowing festival level - Christmaswn.

2. Add 4 cute monsterstally new attacking skills.

3. Adde Christmas Suitcreasing agility.

4. Adjust powerme bullets.

5. Revisecorrect words.

6. much amazing.