Sunday, January 19, 2014

CM10/CM11 Transparent Theme v6.0

CM10/CM11 Transpntme v6.0 4.0.3 up IMPORTANT: read full descriptionfore purchasing leavingbad problems,stead leavingbad review, send memail I myst fixingm. I helpmail, likeme, rate!

[Thisme requiresROMme Engine (like Cyanogenmod AOKP)]

Likeglass!! Transpnt CMme CM9, CM10, CM10.1 (Cyanogenmod), AOKP or custom roms.apps widgetsr romcome transpnt! I started developingmecause I like very much holoterface transpncyo. I suggest tryme also live wallpapers. apk size very smallcause workne xmls. actually my main project (you see changeloglow).

Many or screenshots found here:

More screens added after new updatesme!


-apps that dependme.Holo framework (like various menus,settings,downloads,some stock browser's parts,dsp manager,torch much or)

-apps that dependme framework (like simolkit, goomanager much or)

-apps that dependme.Black framework

-apollo (only cm10.1 version)+widget



-camera settings

-clock app

-contacts app


-dialer app

-google gesture search


-google playstore

-google play music widget



-pie controls

-quicksettings tiles

-quicksettings widget

-messagging app+widget

-movie studio

-news & wear widget

-notification background

-notification drawer 50% transpnt cm10.1

-panels dialogs (both dark lights)


-some launchers settings (likeva apex)

-tablet-ui (froms that support)

-tesla unread plugin

-me chooser

-torch app+widget


-more apps fixes!!

want or apps transpnt, send memail i myst!


-Transpntme actually compatible XHDPI,HDPI,MDPI,LDPI s (should compatibles tablets)

(As I ownly, send memailre problems)

terested changelog, see here:


-Applymeme chooser reboot.

-If says "Sorryme missingsetsr " apply anyway reboot.

-if says "Thismecorrectly compiled" apply defaultme,reboot,apply TranspntCM, reboot.

( seeblack imagestead previewme chooser,n't worry applyme :) )

NB: wallpaper that i use screenshotscluded Transpntme! Chooser favourite wallpapercome background apps listed above!

Fquestions, problems requests, send mee-mail.

(If app availabler country, please e-mail me)

Enjoy Transpntme!

What's New

- like, add me google plus:

-5.5: workaround quickmessage popup (froms thatn't darkme messagging app settings quickmessage)

-Published 5 colored versionsme: Gold, Green,ange, Purple Red. findm my apps list here:

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