Sunday, January 19, 2014

Android Keyboard (AOSP) v4.4.2 | Stock keyboard,All versions

Android Keyboard (AOSP) v4.4.2 | Stock keyboard,All versions 2.0 up Despite splash screen,re gesture typing 4.4.2.rely limited amount monochrome Emoji characters, thoughy may supplementedyou have anor keyboardstalled.

Or recent differencesclude: white hinting, quicker entry user-defined words,tter suggestions landscape layout changes. current version comes English, Spanish, Russian, PT-Brazilian,alian, German, French, dictionaries;re language word lists repositoryy'd need compiled.

Of course,'tstallyou haveROM that already packagestalled. could buildrselfdifferent package name,onroid 4.3 still couldn'tstalleduser app, unlessiginal allowed dictionary provider exported, which unlikely.,'d have removeiginal /system/app (and dalvik-cache) via root,forestalling.

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Version 4.4.2-ARMv7


Version 4.4.2-ARM


Version 4.4.2-x86