Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Flying Benjamins Version 1.0.0




*** 33%F Release Sale! Modern rial Combat redefinedNext-Generation-Rails Arcade Shooter, Exclusively iOS.

***ICE: Flyingnjaminsly run LOW QUALITY GRAPHICS mode older iOS s, whichclude: iPoduch 3, iPoduch 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 iPad 1.

Defend skies newly builtfshore banking communities, stopping daring money heists imaginable, pilote 3 upgradeable modern jet-fighters. Experience next generation cinematic-Rails arcade-style game play duringr 4+ hour journey through 20 action-packed missions, amidst destructible high-rise cityscapes. Featuring:

• Neverfore seen-Rails Modern rial Combat arcade experience, sights,undsn-stop action that taker breath away!

• Enjoy Simpletuitive Controls: tiltr iOS left/right steerr fighter jet around city obstaclesskillfully avoiding enemy missiles.

• Alternatively,casual-RAILS experience:go tilting tapr enemies engage "Autopilot"controllingr Afterburner Weaponssmooth 2-buttonterface.

• Awe-inspiring 3D graphics full native Retina support iPhone 5, iPad Retina display.

• 20 action-oriented campaign missions (including 2 bonus Endless Gauntlet levels)fer over 4 hours action-packed-Rails arcade-style game play.

• RPG Style Progression System allows FREELY acquire, pilot level-up 3 unique jet-fightersunlocking 18 different types Afterburner Weapon upgrades.

• Optional-App Purchases allow skip RPG grindstantly acquire any playable fighter jets. addition, Restorer existing purchases unlock content multiple iOS s.

• Face than 30 different types enemies,cluding: modern jets, attack helicopters GIGANTIC money-packed transport aircraft!

• Game Center support: 7 Leaderboards 18 elusive Achievements that demandadditional 10+ hours game play.

• Over 30 minutes memorableiginal music dynamically accompanyr-Rails cinematic experience.

• Team up friendly AI wingmen later stages game, watchr enemies fallforer elite squadron, known "Flyingnjamins".

• Highly Stylized Action-Oriented Storytellingld through radior fighter jet. Alternatively,voice banter turnedF "Options" menu game, creatingeven faster arcade-style experience that accessible everyone language barrier.

• Adaptive AI Randomized Enemies Dynamic Difficulty: providenear endless replay value,r opponents constantly change adaptr style game play each time engagenew existing mission.

>> Game Play Basics:

Steerr jet-fighter manually tiltingr left right, tapr enemies engage-RAILS "Autopilot".E that must facingr enemies directlyfore pressing right "Weapons/Fire" button. Holding left "Afterburner" button allow avoid enemy missiles well steer around destructible city hazards. Remember that game's Dynamic-Screen Tutorial System always guide right course action,prolonged use Weapons/Afterburner causetemporary overload. Also,e thatr jet fighter equipped automatic repair systems which activate shortly after stop taking damage.

Completing missions, earning XP leveling-upr jet-fighter Level 5 unlock new playable aircraft FREE. may also skip RPG grindstantly level-up via use optional-App Purchases. Each-App Purchase also Restored, thus allowingstantly unlock playable fighter jets multiple iOS s.

Version: 1.0.0 app designed both iPhone iPad


Category: Games

Released: 30 July 2013

Version: 1.0.0

Size: 153 MB

Language: English

Seller: Miles Godspeed

© 2013 Miles Godspeed Compatible iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPoduch (3rd generation), iPoduch (4th generation), iPoduch (5th generation) iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 later. app optimized iPhone 5






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