Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kingsoft Office v5.6.1

Kingsoftfice v5.6.1

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Kingsoft ficely mobilefice full-features FREE. Support runningroid 2.1 above system. User-friendly & nice UI terface! Users over 200 countries regions around world using. Average Rating Kingsoftfice up 4.6 stars! Whersmall cell phone screenlarge screen Tablet, Kingsoftficesuperiperformance!


★ Rich editing features!is FREE!

★ Small Size, Stable Operation, Specialterface!

★ Support 23 kindss,cludingC/DOCX/TXT/XLS/XLSX/PPT/PPTX/PDF

★ Built-in manager that automaticallyganizerficecument

★ Tighttegration mail application

★ Support cloud storages Google Drive, Dropbox, Box.net or services WebDAV protocol

★variety gestures operations, which maker workteresting

★ Support different Read Mode which closer users’ need


★ "st freefice's app!"

★ "So Smart! Mobilefice Changedw!"

★ "Outstanding. Triedmandst. That's!"

★ "Nicefice App. Very useful, nice UI, liketter than ors I've tried."

And G+page than 20,000.pleasure that click G +1 right pageyou like app.



◇Support openingcuments sizing 100M above

◇Can view editcuments Page-Layout Web-Layout

◇Bookmark rapid positioning features

◇Savecument PDF

◇Spell Check

◇Print feature

◇Manual Paint, Comment Revise

◇Rich matting featurescluding bold,alics, underline, font color, alignment, tables, alignment, header, footer, word count, find & replace, full-screen,.

◇Insert Picture feature, support picture operations like deleting, rotating, moving, zoom, wrapping,.

◇Displayvariety graphic objects, equation, symbol, number tables wrap effects


※Support opening largecuments sizing 200M above

※Customput keyboard, which supportsserting editingmulas

※Include filter,rt, cell, fill, find & replace, wrap,mat painter, freeze panes, autosum features,.

※Quick Calculation feature backplane

※Support speedy dialing selected numbers sending emails

※Insert, view delete comments

※Display radar charts, separation pie charts, composite pie charts, ring charts,. XLSs

※Support Printcuments output PS, PDFmats


◇Sh Play

◇With thumbnails list like PCfice, convenient slide switch

◇Compatible SmartArt display

◇Bullets Numbers, Frame, Paragraph Quick Style

◇Supportserting editing shapes, text box, pictureses

◇Display charts tables

◇Slide Layout feature

◇Variety play modes laser pointer display


※Read memory




·Support external Bluetooth keyboard USB keyboardput

·Support external keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-S,. we adding)


·Support display Arabiccuments

·Displaytorys photos wall

·Desktop Widget

What's version:


Improved: speed openingcuments.

Improved: efficiency editingcuments.


Added: Supported hyperlinks locals.

Added: Supportedmula references.

Added: Supported numbermat display 6 kinds languages.

Improved: Supported setting than ten lists validation.


Improved: speed openingcuments.

Improved: fluency openingcuments home page.


Improved: speed openingcuments



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