Friday, July 19, 2013

Handy Photo v1.1.3

Handy Photo v1.1.3 2.3+

Welcome creative photo editing!

Handy Photo designed thosestrong passion photo editing. appperfect choice when comes correcting enhancing photospossible angles.

Editr photo Handy Photo's complete set truly powerful ols obtain results that definitely impress those viewingr works art.

* Uncropr photosunique way *

ol called Magic accidentally. enables users uniquely uncrop photos. or app could. Magic Crop uniquee reason. allows straighteningcrooked horizon out sacrificing photo’siginal size.

* Let objectsr photos come alive *

Is possible move objectsr photos justfew taps? answer yes when comes Move Meol. Carry object any or place photo satisfied that suitsretee.

* Perform photo retouchingst possible way *

Removeundesired objects blemishesr photostap. Mobile retouching neveren fast easy.

* Colandne balancer photos *

Thankscompleteolset adjusting colandne photos, properly balancer images’ Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Warmth, Shadows, Highlights,. levels make photos look vivid natural.

* Apply stunning photo filters *

Atal than twenty filters, namely Black White, Bleach pass, ColStandout, Cross Process, Dramatic, Duotone, Fog, Glow, Golden, HDR, Halftone,k, Lomo, Old Photo, Polarization, Polaroid, Sepia, Sketch, Smart Contrast, Tilt Shift, Tiny Planet, Vignette, Vintage, always atr disposal case feel like changing atmosphere anyr photos.y equally amazing, easy adjust apply, flexible work.

* Add marvelous textures *

Create atmospherer photo storiesrself Handy Photo’s pack terrific textures (more than 90). Applym enhance r photos makem truly pop. select following groups textures: Cloth, Clouds, Frost Ice, Grunge, Paper, Water, Wood.

textures adjustable, makeme settings texture have selected, apply,come even fascinated r photo.

* Add attention-grabbing frames *

Before showingr photo whole world,’s quite important appropriately frame. Handy Photo’s excellent collection frames serves just that purpose. Put finaluchesr photos adding following framesm: Carton, Film, Grunge, Photo Album, Polaroid, Retro Photo.


★ Move Me technologytellectual objects extraction moving

★ Magic Cropol unique photo “un-cropping” function

★st retouching technology mobile platforms

★ Impressive collection professional photo filters

★ Complete sets high quality textures frames

★ 100% size image viewing

★ Up 36 MP support

★ Optimized multi-core GPU processors

★ Stylishtuitive UI

Brought developersuchRetouch!


All s runningroid 2.3 newer supporting ARMv7.

Depending amounttal RAM available, following resolution images processing allowed:

2 GB RAM - 24 MP

1 GB RAM - 16 MP

786 Mb RAM - 12 MP

512 Mb RAM - 8 MP

less than 512 MP RAM – 5 MP

What's New

- Fixed opening picture Google Drive SkyDrive

- Or small fixes improvements


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