Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Root Call Blocker Pro v2.0.3.1

Root Call Blocker Pro v2.0.3.1 2.3 up Root Call Blockerpowerful call SMS firewall root users. Stop bill collectors text message spammers 100% timetruly unique root call manager.

Many translations missing RCB want help ustranslation, please visit get started.

Unlike or call filters, Root Call Blocker silently blocks calls at system level. need even knows working choose ifiedlyspecific numbers blocked.


☆ Completely ignore spam calls messages

☆r phone never rings

☆ Import large lists numberss

☆ Reject unknown,held, private restricted numbers

☆ Keep blocked calls messages hidden

☆ Block a codes countries


★ Silent/hidden operating mode

★ Google Groupstegration

★ Auto-replies

★ Encrypted backups

★ Clear frequent call listroid 4.0+


need help, use "Write us" app's settings visit website:

This appes controlr voicemail service.your blocked calls ing sent voice mail, try anor blocking method use Google Voice. simulatedisconnected messagewarding busy calls number thatesn't exist.

Don'tlieve hype about Extreme Call Blocker Mr Number DroidWall those apps lyes that work Jellyan - RCB functions anyroid version 2.1 up, much faster 100% silent.

OUTGOING CALL permissions needed hidden mode, using dialer enterpassword.

ACCOUNTS needed Google Groups.

SEND SMS needed auto replies SMS routing.

INTERNET ACCESS licensing, Flurry "Write us" feedbackol.

LOG DATAly sentr permission via "Write us" menu em Settings. have send anythingyoun't want.

Keywords: call block, call manager, sms block, mms block, call security, shady conversations, shady sms, private sms, private calls, privacy manager, private call control

Welcome Root Call Blocker experience anysue, need advice, write us through app let us know via we help.

Fixedsues users upgrading Hidden mode turned

Next release return Hidden mode supported s RC

This fist public relese RCB 2 - changelogo large fit here, havegood look at app, READ FAQ enjoy!

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