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MoneyWise Pro v4.4.0 build 61

MoneyWise Pro v4.4.0 build 61 v2.2+ Using MoneyWise Pro electronic checkbook easily keep trackr everyday expenses keepeyer cash flow. overdrafts!

Using MoneyWise Pro electronic checkbook easily keep trackr everyday expenses keepeyer cash flow. overdrafts!

MoneyWise Pro named "st Budget-Tracking Approid" LifeHacker, 2012.

With powerful yet simple use application filter browse expenses date, category account. View graphs seeyou keepingr budget targets.

To day MoneyWise helped thousands users 120 countries around world getgripir personal finance make wiser economic decisions.

MoneyWise Pro supportscurrencies world (e.g. $, €, £, ¥, kr, R$).

Using tags categories classify expenses anyway like: Private/Work, Cash/Credit, Projects, Expense accounts. Used filtering analysis.

In short: User friendly. Professional filtering, browsing graphing functionality. Set up budgets. Repeating transactions. Export data HTML printing archiving.


✔ Ad free

✔ User friendly easy use

✔esn't requireternet access, registration.

✔ Multiple accounts

✔ Multiple budgets

✔ Weekly, biweekly monthly budget periods

✔come expenses

✔ Password protection

✔ Recurring transactions

✔ Transfertween accounts

✔ Graph expenses over time

✔ Graph expenses category

✔ Tag expenses

✔ Filter categories tags

✔ View day/week/month/year

✔ Monitaccount balances

✔ Backup SD

✔ Export CSV Excel import

✔ Export HTML

✔ Exportbackupdata e-mail Dropbox

✔ Multiple currencies

✔ Switch currency when traveling

✔ Mark transactions cled bank

✔ Create rename Tags

✔ Create rename Categories

✔ Change start date budget months

✔ Highly configurable (datemat, currency, text size)

✔ import data stored free "MoneyWise" "" apps.

(Enabled) professional edition MoneyWise limitations regarding number number accounts, tags, budgets, filters, backup/restore, HTML export. MoneyWise Pro alsocludes recurring transactions, transfertween accounts, batch operations currency conversion. Ad-free. f000h

Tip: Using Dropbox easy keepsafe backupr data atexternal location. install Dropbox applicationroid Market. MoneyWise: Open menu click "Export Data". Backups restored manually via USB.

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Recent changes:


• New option choosetweenlight UImedarkme.

• UI improvements.

• New support adding sub categories undercategory.

• New option export data Excelmat (.xls)

•tter handlingft keyboard.

•new button account dialog helps recalculate account balancenecessary.

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Note:premium features available. key needed.

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