Wednesday, July 31, 2013

HEAVY Theme chooser Xposed v21.0.0

HEAVYme chooser Xposed v21.0.0 4.0+, ROOT HEAVYme chooser Xposed


***w should work any rooted phone running Jellyan Even Stock***

**Must Followsestuctionsyou haveme chooser**

Fnonme chooser phones/stock:

Download XposedInstaller.apkstall:

Launch Xposedstaller click "Install/Update"


Install Xposed Framework (from Xposedstaller app)

Install XmeEngine link at bottom post

Activate module Xposedstaller app

Goto Xmeengine applyme hit reboot.


***wnload safe***

ItDisablercase bootloop any reason.

Just bootto cwm recovery flash zip:

me chooser:

Gotome chooser


hit ok missingsets



Ifme showing up Xposed:

Backup appr sd usingr favorite app (Romtoolbox):

Goto app manager

Findme app


Back up sd

Select app again

Uninstall app

Go sd under app_manager

Into App_Backups


Go backto xposedmere

****Reported working xposedme phones. Im workingnew appm. outon i get new app built.****

Yes my troll level 9000 finding getting go.

developer just go here easystructions:

stock versionlittle differentpieces throughout missing or versionwit still stock very tasty!

Reboot icons take effect...

ATTENTION:few apps have caps app names Im having trouble getting that work throughme chooser. Here findzipfew icons manually applym (camera360,espn,...)

Ive hadfew people get message improperly compiled when updatingme.Thinkscause much added.this happens need wiper cache. Easiest wipecache. could also useapp like romolbox wipe apps cache.

F wallpapers work need get upwardspiralsme chooser wallpaper app play store.

Thisnew project that I have started love building. Puttinge market updating regularly.fullme. I have made images scratch makes very time meant compliment current colors ICS builds. getmissingsets erronstall likeormes... Hit apply anyways. ok. Make surereboot afterstall that icons take effect. Im open ideas improvingme email mere anything would like implementedtome.

What's new version:

Added Espn icons

Fixed terminal emulaticon

Fixed dsp manager icon

Added super su icon

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Download APK: