Friday, July 26, 2013

The Walking Dead: Assault v1.52

Walking Dead:sault v1.52 2.3+ Finally,st version Walking Dead:sault available Droid s!

Released time Google Play fans Robert Kirkman's award winning " Walking Dead", game takes moment Rick awakens hospital, horrific campvasion that costs survivors valuable allies friends.

Walking Dead:sault Google Play features enhancements overiginal,p-rated1 strategy title.seclude additional enhancedund visual FX, new balance tweaks game's play difficulty, additional boosterems give ammo health, Michonne character updateiginal release.


Playr favorite characters series – Rick, Glenn, Shane, Carl,rea, Lori!semble chooser ultimate team four, hunt supplies, upgrade, use unique special character abilities survive against walker hordes!


Complete Bonus Objectives Challenges unlock special contentcluding artwork wallpapersr ,hind--scenes trivia, Google Play Achievements much!

Playp-ratedficial game Robert Kirkman's Eisner Award-winning comic series " Walking Dead",whit TV show AMC about launchs 4th Season!


" Walking Dead:sault'refreshing, complex zombie game"

-phie Prell, Penny Arcade Report

“Assaultmeaty chunk squad-based survival horrthat faithfully follows Rick crew through several arcs Robert Kirkman’s award winning comic book series…Most unexpected greatly appreciated.”

- Mike Fahey, Kotaku

"Assaultsmartmetimes fraught blend running gunning highest production values."

- Rich Stanton,

“So far, we're loving every secondtime Walking'reto Walking Dead universe squad-based strategy games, picke up confidence.wyou'll excuse us, we're going dive backto post apocalyptic-world.”

– Chris Reed,


“This just came outwhere I’m hooked!” –Jbannanyc

“A must buy Walking Dead fans.” –Bool Zero

“I love show gamees disappoint.” –im-unarmed

“ like comics LOVE game.” -Mstandgshs


•Auntic locations award-winning comic series, visualizedin3D comic book style!

•Playr favorite characters comicstuitive controls builtuch-screen s!

•Trigger distractions fls car alarms divert attention awayr party –be cful how muchise make!

•Unlock upgrader characters' attributes tilt oddsr favor!

•Beatr friends times via Google Play Leaderboards!

•Buyw Gift appfriend!

What's New

New Releaseroid s 2.3 up! Featuring smoor game balance tuning, new-gameem polish fixes overall game.

Game levels haveen re-tuned rebalanced feel welcoming players.

re new boosterems player unlock (extra ammo medkits).

Improvements audio-game special effects haveen made.

Includes Michonnewnload content previous release.


Downloadstructions: thanks alien shooter

Mali Version[

PowerVR Version

Tegra Version