Sunday, January 12, 2014

ai.type Keyboard Plus v2.0.8.3

ai.type Keyboard Plus v2.0.8.3 2.1+, Lucky Patcher/Modded Google Play keyboardroid Market!


Buy get unlimited useA.I.type keyboard features!

So, what makes A.I.type Keyboards ‘ST’?

*’s smart! keyboard suggestsr next word, completesr current word correctsr typos based context what writing.

* gets smarter! type, keyboard learnsr common words, phrases style, improvess text prediction accordingly. We call – MyType.

*’s accurate!n’t have very precise keys hit. Evenyou miss keys frequently, keyboard understand correct.

*’s cool! change colors,mes, background images, fonts! resize keyboard dragging resize key! make keyboard look exactly like iPhone4, Windows Phone 7 ICS (and!)…It lots FREE Skins choose.

*tally customizable! control just about anything everyhavior. edit storer own shortcuts usetyping. alsownload Emoji FREE !

*’s efficient! have navigation buttons, undo redor changes,, cut paste keyboard.

*It’s easy use! Drag waywn expose screen, back up. Just swiper finger up getnumeric / navigation / symbols row! Anor swipe – eliminate!

* supportslanguages! keyboard over 35 keyboard layouts, or than English, text prediction provided Spanish, German, French,alian, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Greek, Swedish, Polish Hebrew.

*’s safe! A.I.type never collects, analyzes sendsr personalformation, passwords, credit numbers. Text stays encrypted private.

* warns when correctsr text! Getvisualdicationfore auto-correction applied,beep after correction.

Privacyice:installing A.I.type Keyboard, receivewarning message about collecting sensitive data. standard general-purposeroid messagesued anywnloaded keyboardes pertain A.I.type.keyboardES COLLECTR SENSITIVE DATA.

Psychic word completions predictions generated A.I.type’s servers Cloud. When flineternet connectiono slow,you disabled Cloud-based prediction, word suggestions generated ly.

Because A.I.type keeps improving,’s recommended that enable auto-update Google Play always have latest version.

Please contact any feedback,sue suggestion.

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What's New

2.0.8 Fix:tter learning, disable suggestion, new line, passwords field or bugs stability

We VERY proudtroduce ai.type keyboard 2.0!

With release, we have takengreat keyboard made eventter every possible way!


New flat design “ Urban Experience” visual effects newmes Urban Day\Night, gesture typing (Swipe),tegrated English grammar checker, new settings screensns new options much…

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