Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Anodyne v1.509

Anodyne v1.509 2.3 up Explore fightr way through nature, urban abstractmed as humanng's subconscious, evoked16-bit-era visual stylemoody, dream-likeundtrack.

Anodynefull-length adventure created Sean Hogan (programming, music) Jonathan Kittaka (artwork, writing),w availabler iPhone, iPad, iPoduch. Explore Landr way work, school bus, at DMV - anywhere!

* Explore subconsciousng , adventure through over 20 diverse as.

* Featuresoriginal, 60+ minuteundtrack, accompany world Anodyne.

* Featuring over 6 hours gameplay, IAPs! Buy gamece, playever.

* Extensive usehouseholdem.

Anodynehonorable mention 2013 Studentdependent Games Festival awards, receivedspot ESA's 2013 Student Showcase at E3 Expo.

" game'sund design strongest facilitatof Anodyne's sense dread unease; ambience music givefair suspicion danger, ugly chords disquieting, unnatural-sounding syntic pings.adds upgame where're sure who trust,'t sure what's real."

Sophie Prell, Penny Arcade Report

"Yet saying that Anodynesimple Zelda knockoff wouldmistakenumber reasons, glaring which substitutionsave--princess story biz psychopompslipsistic explorations human condition."

Jd Rosen,die Statik

"Sean Hogan Jonathan Kittaka have made magic game, creatingworld that I could afraid enternever want leave... locations vibrant detailed, goingmanner different places...[ music] take visual mood shiftto territory that pixel art shouldn't ablehabit...this Game Year writtenover."

Joel Couture, Mash Those Buttons