Saturday, January 11, 2014

Root App Delete v6.9.26

Root App Delete v6.9.26

Requiresroid: 1.6 up


RootAppDeletestol rootedroid users.

I have providedgood appusers continue making improvments.

It helps freeze uninstall system appsside phone

It’s special:

* tiny,fast,especially fast old phones low memory

* “modify” MODE, change system appsfore uninstalling

* “Disable” backgroud system service, “google backgroud transport” “contact sync service”


Explanation permissions:

we might use lib, which provided AD company.

But wely use show [hot apps],

which Never cost any resource untill click see recommended apps.

so pleasen’t bored warnnings Virus Protecter

[hot app]es bor at all,you ignore。

“read phone state” “internet” permissions used stat howusers using my app, when FC happens, I get errreport.

it’s just used improve my still’t accept, uninstall.


compd or uninstallolsroid market, muchtter

fexample, app ” uninstaller ”very popular uninstall app google play,’s smallest uninstallol, simple easy.uninstalles support rooted phones. Even have root permission, modify system appssider phone, which very annoying.

app ” app remover “, anor similar uninstallol google play,app remover neir supports rooted phones.

app ” system app remover “, alsofamous uninstallol ,es support rooted phones.system app remover never give any warnningfore uninstallsystem app, which might kernelrroid phone.’s much safer use ” root app delete ” than “system app remover ”rooted phone, especially those newroid users, whon’t quite understand danger uninstalling system apps root permission.

compdor similar uninstallols, find how useful how safe App.

Guys, enjoy!

Whats New:

* addpermission required new version SuperUser, get root access.

*update roottroduction, add latestolroid 2.3-4.4

* supportroid 4.4w

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