Wednesday, July 3, 2013

FireCraft v1.5 Mod (Unlimited Diamonds/Gold)

FireCraft v1.5 Mod (Unlimited Diamonds/Gold) 2.0.1+ FireCraft – Free Firework Simulator

FireCraft about buildingr own firework rockets giving amazing Firework-Shows. FireCraft available iPhone/iPad also played freeline:

To create rockets simple. player fillempty rocket various “bullets”. Every bullets thrust ors sparkles, glitter various explosions. bullets also available ten different colors. teresting thing about system, that player countless possibilities combine bullets thus createdividual rockets.

WhenRocket built, tested saved firework shows. When givingshows, saved rockets launched delight audience player gets rewarded cash. cash used buy new bullets, bigger rockets new locations shows.


* 59 different firework-bullets

* Each bullet available 10 different colors

* 24 unique locationsr firework shows

* Countless possibilities creatingr own firework rocket

* Every single explosion unique



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