Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Icon Pack - VIVID v2 v2.0.3

Icon Pack - VIVID v2 v2.0.3 2.2 up ,000+ icons cluded..with come future updates!

se icons BIG HD icons (144 px).,your launcher supports icon size changingcrease size have even bigger HD icons!

following custom launchers currently supported icon pack :

*Nova Launcher

*Apex Launcher

*ADW Launcher / EX

*GO Launcher EX

*Holo Launcher

*Desktop Visualizer (see MANUAL APPLY sectionlow)

*Or custom launchers may support icon pack well guaranteed work.




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This icon pack colorful HD icons. Slightly minimal yet ultra sharp,se icons go well just about any setup. Perfect users iginal Vivid icon pack, colorful icon packs, colorful mes.




Nova Launcher

1.Gova Settings

2. Select Look Feel

3. Select Iconme

4. Select icon pack havewnloaded

5. Select box next Icon Pack

6. Select Apply

Apex Launcher

1. Go Apex Settings

2. Selectme Settings

3. Select Icon Pack havewnloaded

4. Check box next Icon Pack next screen

5. Select Apply

GO Launcher EX

1. Go GO Launcher Settings

2. Select Visual Settings

3. Scroll over Icons

4. Select icon pack havewnloaded under each Icon Style


1. Go ADWSettings

2. Selectmes

3. Select icon pack havewnloaded

4. Select Apply




Desktop Visualizer (Big Icons - 200 px)

1. Open Icon Packwnloadedr application drawer

2. Scrollwn select Big Icons

3. Selecticon would like use pressing icon.

4. next screen, long press image select save icons at bottom may load manually scrolling through bottom section may required.

5.wnload Desktop Visualizer (if already).'sfree app.

6. Addwidgetr home screen select Desktop Visualizer select 2 x 2 widget. Select widget home screen

7. Select "Select Icon" button. Select Image

8. Choose Gallery (gallery related app like QuicPic) selectwnload Folder

9. Select icon want use

10. Complete rest options widgetin Desktop Visualizer select Ok.

You also apply icons manually each launcher icon pack supports. just long pressiconhome screen select replace/edit select icon wish replace icon packwnloaded.

What's version:

7/2/2013 - v2.0.3

* Addedicon Vine