Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Iesabel By Forever Entertainment S.A. v1.0 Cracked by drAdeLante [ Universal ]

Iesabelever Entertainment S.A. v1.0 Cracked drAdeLante

In times darkness,ly mightiest heroes save world. Stand out against evilbyrself epic single player mode,munstoppable team up 7r friends extraordinary co-op mode. Swarms bloodthirsty monsters, loads epic gear collect,zens skills obtainautiful world any Action RPG Hack n Slash iOS, await. Grabr sword flingrselfto actionw!


experience yellow texturessteadrmales please switch graphics menu mid-quality. We extremelyrry bug fixingtop priority.


Iesabele biggest games App Store updated monthly; next chapter story unfolded 2.0 update.'ll head frozenrth, climb steep glaciers, traverse icy valleys loot ancient chambers hiddenneath mountaintops.ce next episode added price rise buy IesabelW'll receive free!


To experience full juiciness game we seriously recommend that use iPad 4 iPhone 5. Iesabelautiful detailed 3D game expected'll needpowerful hardw experience ultra HD graphics. those older s we'vecluded option sacrifice graphics higher FPS



-fantastic, action-packed single player mode.

- Amazing co-op multiplayer up 7r friends.

- Cross-platform gaming. haveiPhone,r friendMacbook Air, or friendor mobile ? problem! freely play co-op mode. won't find any or RPG game App Store.

-e biggest complex RPG games App Store.


- breathtaking 3D visuals,st any Action RPG iOS.

- Multitude unique locations, villages, swamps, caves, crypts.

- Action-packed fights variety enemies: wildlife, undead, trolls, renegadesmore.

-climaticundtrack perfectly fitting atmosphere darkness.


- Powerful range melee characters.

-zens powerful skills learn user battles.

- Thousands weaponsems collect.

- Four categoriesems:rmal, Unique, Epic Legendary.

- Multitude immersive quests complete.

- Challenging fights giant bosses.


- True upright Action RPG. buying potions real cash, gems, constant nagging purchases like or similar games absolutely-App Purchases.'t buy victory; have earn r own skills.

-tuitiveuch controls.

- Engaging story hope, heroismtrayal.

- Hours hack slash mayhem.

- Universal app suitable iPhone iPad.

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