Monday, July 1, 2013

Ultimate iOS7 Apex Nova Theme v1.61

Ultimate iOS7 Apexvame v1.61 4.0+ Ultimate iOS7mebrand newme Apex Launcher,va Launcher, SS Launcher, or supporting home screen / launcher apps!


merroid latest Ultimate iOS7 style, shock r iPhone iPad friends / enemiesfully custommespired thcoming Apple mobile Operating System!

This ELITE (ad-free) version!


Ultimate iOS7 Icon Pack -dividually styled iOSspired icon pack, featuring over 185+ meticulously designed Ultimate iOS 7 style icons.

Bonus Holo-Apple Style Icons - Exclusive icon pack alsocludes Apple Holo style icons designed useck bar!

Ultimate iOS7 Wallpaper Pack - Exclusive custom designed wallpaper pack custom designsspired latest flagship iOS 7 styles. Built-in wallpaper picker, press Menu > Wallpapers > Scroll Ultimate iOS7 > Set wallpaper switch.

Full HD Support - Full graphics support tablets larger s, featuring largest XX-HDPI icon pack wallpaper set.

Full Apex Launcher Graphics Support -supporting graphics Apex Launcher,cluding custom settings icons, tabsck bars, much !

mer Whole - Matching Ultimate iOS7 messengerme GO SMS Pro also available here Google Play store:


Thisme (likeskin), must apply using Apex Launcherva Launcher or supporting home screen apps.

To apply fullme using Apex Launcher:

Open Apex Launcher > Press Menu (Apex Settings) >me settings > Scroll Ultimate iOS7me > Apply

To applyme usingva Launcher:

Openva Launcher > Press Menu >va Settings > Look feel > Iconme > Ultimate iOS7me

To change wallpaper:

Press Menu > Wallpapers > Scroll Ultimate iOS7 Wallpapers > Set wallpapers

What's version:

v1.61 Update (7/1/2013):

+ New icons,w over 450+ custom Ultimate iOS7 iconscluded!

+ (NEW) Four brand newck bar icon packse, Holo-Apple (Light) pack useoutck bar (Nova) Holo-Apple (Dark) version ck bars, superellipse new circle styles!