Tuesday, November 26, 2013

CM 10.2/1/AOKP Dark Fire Theme v1.33

CM 10.2/1/AOKP Dark Fireme v1.33

http://snappzmarkets.blogspot.com/:roid 4.1+

http://snappzmarkets.blogspot.com/: Dark Firemeange Fire Darkange ColFCM10.1/10/AOKP Parandroid Rom

Contact MeU have Any Problemfore Refunding

Nowmed Google Play Store Google Search Googlew


Installme. Open settings selectme. Selectwnloadedme hit apply.N REBOOT(*Important*).

get message "meproperly compiled error".lution: Set systemme, rebootr phone, setwnloddme.


Email- nitinvaid20@gmail.com

If have any problemme, please email me regardingsues. Inot respond comments given here, please email me.


Custom ROM like Cyanogenmod ors

X-hdpi Hdpi s supported.

What's new version:

Update fixes Cm10.2

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