Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tainted Keep v1.1

Tainted Keep v1.1 4.0 up idyllic village Greenhavenwnear lifeless husk,ulsshabitants havingen drained powerful wizard Morg, who usedm create abominations thatw occupy mighty keep thatceurce protection village.

Morg’s evilfluence caused people Greenhavengetir old lives happiness even presence Morg himself,stead fallingtomindless stupor.

With village’s cropsering untended fieldss people heading mindlesslyward oblivion,e person unaffected Morg’sfluence,ang woman named Xobia, enters keep findurce Morg’s power putend misery thaten unleashed hapless village.

• Castsingle spell, chain anor makemore powerful spell.

• Weapons that upgrade visually releaseuls.

• Unique twistedmains that contain powerful treasure.

• Gems that slottor weapon adjust different statisticsin.

•variety fearsome creatures defeat!

• Ultra graphic settings Tegra 4 s

• HD quality resolution

• Full world dynamic shadowing

• Stunning dynamic reflections

• Adjustable graphic settings

• Full screen effects

• Testr hardw capabilitiesunique builtnchmark mode

• Full gamepad support welluch screen controls.