Saturday, November 23, 2013

Time Ducks [1.4.5]

Time Ducks [1.4.5]

Time Ducks


Cate: Games

Price: $0.99

Size: 32.2 MB


Time Ducks take back time thane way:

Itthrough-and-through homage adventurous spirit pixel art arcade games hey-days.

You control safe passingvariety animals acrossroad brimmingfuriated driversder boostr multiplier, unlockever unfolding universe illogical logic ranging Justin Bieber through+5 Machete way recipevery tasty rabbit stew...

Oh, way, also control time.

Whaty said:

[...]e unique experiences any platform, comes highly recommended iPad iPhone.


But £1.49 [prizeen lowered even furr]small price paygame that happily fritter awayafternoon two.

Time Ducks may finest iOS game year,it’s easilye memorable.


clash superbund comically naïve artwork -few genuinely funny lines - enough keep Time Ducks right side tweedie whimsy.of course, what mattersmoreish pot-pourri game design that mixes Braid's time manipulation Frogger, that ios game about landing planesgloriously illogical hierarchy animal

combo scoring.

-Eurogamer [Game week 2011-12-09]

Asidelid gameplay, Time Ducks also brimming personality. tutorial packed humand pixel visuals simpleeye alsons funny achievements tiny bitsterspersed through game which almost always

drawchuckle. [...]'s actuallye funteresting line drawing games I've ever played. Definitely givelook.


[...] highscore tablee-perfect humour (which, just like

pixel-art graphics whimsical audio, strikes perfect balancetween faux-naivety self-awness) proves than enough keep playing traffic.

"[...]so brain melt nicely."

"Contrarysociate kitsch look, pure logical game design."

-Exite Japan (Both quotes loosly translated)


by spencekarl - Version 1.2.3 - Jan 25, 2012

Great update... Love game. strange, fast, fun!

Honest, charming fun

byrond- Version 1.2.3 - Jan 26, 2012

Evenfore addition 12-minute challenge excellent

mindcraft modeest usesr app money.

What's New

- Animals havehighlight wheny appear early game,y takesmall break at,fore crossing road. makes slightly easierginners.

-gs appearlittle less frequently.

- high score menu gamew local high're using Game Center,r score still submitted.

- Small tweaks fixes.