Thursday, November 21, 2013

KitKat HD Launcher Theme 7 in1 v1

KitKat HD Launcherme 71 v1 O/S : 1.6+ Concept ui KitKat HDicon packPopulars Launcher!

1400+ Icons

Thispic contains 1400 icons adding every week! also contains wallpapers high resolution.


Thisme Concept ui 7 Hd.icon packPopulars Launcher . Apex Launcher,va Launcher, ADW, Holo, Go launcher, Action Launcher, ors. Also compatible.


Nova Launcher

Apex Launcher

ADW Launcher Ex

Go Launcher EX

free ADWLauncher

compressed HD Go Launcher (iconsly)

Launcher Pro


Smart Launcher

Action Launcher Pro

Atom Launcher

Holo Launcher

Smart Launcher

Uniconly Icon


ADW Launcher

Walpaper design resolution

Recommended Launcher system accordingrroid.

Nova Launcherroid 4.0 current.

DWroid 1.6 current.

HOLO Launcher worksroid 2.3style “Holo” current rid recommendedst effect older phones.

Go Launcher Gingerbread current.

Thisapplication, needpitcher like Go,va, Apex, Holo, ADW launcher or custommes that allow changing icons, sure which launcher use accordingr phone send us email we help choosingbetter customization eir phone tablet


Thisstandalone app, needlauncher Go, Apex,va, that allow custommes.

Installationva Launcher:

Nova Launcher free Prime

Nova Settings ->

Look feel ->


chooseme “ui 7 Concept” apply.

Installation Apex Launcher :

Open Apex Settings->

Openme Settings->

Select Apply “ui 7 Concept”me

Installation Lockescreen:

Make sure GO Launcher EX above GOLocker Ex v1.68enstalled;

Click Go locker ->

Menu selectstalled ->

chooseme “ui 7 Concept” apply.

Installation GO Launcher :

Back GO Launcher EX: MENU >me preferences.

Select Apply “ui 7 Concept”me

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