Wednesday, November 27, 2013

SC Secret Recorder v1.0.8

SC Secret Recorder v1.0.8 4.0 up SC secret Recorder

-It impossible anyone guess wher my phone recording.

-Itly supportsroid 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich above tablets.

-Free versioncludesfunctions paid version, except60 minute limitation recording time. Purchase paid versionyou like aftertrial free version.

-Recording widget

Secret recording available using up 576 user settingscombination various selectionsf widgets, transpnt, camera, gallery, folder,.

transpnt widget makely transpnt,lyF transpnt, bothF transpnt, hide recording status hiding showingwidgetcombination camera, gallery, folder,.

One biggest advantages SC recorder that users freelysecrete recording changing widget icons.

-Notification icons atp, message

secret recording available changing 20ification icons receiving phone calls, warning,wnload,. which transpnt system support icons, changingification start,ification title,ification message under setting.

You see current recording timeification barout running apps showing recording timesteadification titleyou check “Show Recording Time” under setting.

-Recording available under standby mode.

Once recording started usingwidgetapp, continuous recording possible even though screen turnedf appesn’t run unless users stop recording, recorder turnedfdead battery.

- password list

recording listly shown typing password recordings hidden dueing searched or media appsyou check “Using Password” after setting password under setting.

( app whichfolder search function applied)

-Extra storage

This storage which left or apps’ smooth usage users control space 100MB 1GB.s that registered permanent storage start automatically deleteda designated capacity exceeded.

-Permanent storage recordings

A menu presented when users click recordings lists’ icon shown red. prevent automatic delete when extra space exceeded. Checkitimportant.

-One session recording time

Usersn’t have worry about recording time since recording automatically terminated when time specified userne.


A menu presented when recording clicked list extra explanation contents about recording recorded. Icon recorded changed pencil shapedicating that recorded.

Since recording name modified at same time, use nametitle contentsepad.

-Inconvenience, suggestions, errors

We trybest reflectr opinions updateyou leave anyconvenience, suggestions, errors developers’ email( blog (

-SC recorderspecialized appsecret recording surveillance recording, spy recording.

What's New

-Tablet support.

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