Thursday, November 21, 2013 Lab PRO - photo editor v2.0.67 Lab PRO - photo editv2.0.67 2.2+ Photo Fun Generat- create awesome effects caricaturesr photos! Lab – full-featured Photo Fun Generatinr pocket!

Welcome PRO version Lab app almost unlimited abilities create awesome effectsr photos! Lab PRO easily create fun photomontages,contact icons, animated photo caricatures, e-s phone wallpapers! love user friendlyterface ease use app provides. Lab PROes contain any adses watermarkr resulting images.sides, comes extra groups photo effects which would have pay standard version.

What especially like about Lab PRO “Photo Caricature” effects that turnr face photosto fun animated caricaturese click!

Also, use newest effects templates! standard version, new effectscome available two weeks aftery released.that's case Lab PRO! Get brand new effects immediately aftery released! Lab PRO features effects:

• photo caricature effects: animate faces turnr portrait photosto amusing caricatures.

• photorealistic effects: putr faceto museum walls,soccer fans banner,hotf press ; airbrushrself exclusive cars leaver facesand imprintach.

• photomontages automatic face detection: turnrselfr friendto Darth Vader, Rambo,Na’vi Avatar,astronaut pirate Caribbean!

• photo filters: Neon Glow, Fire, Jigsaw Puzzle, HDR, Pencil Drawing, Oil & Impressionist Painting, Chalk & Charcoal,.

• photo effects stylish trendy folks: putrself bes, Vogue Playboy cover next Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Lady Gaga Dr. House!

• collages: putrselfr sweeart evenyour friendstoe photo collage.

• new effects: get brand new effects immediately aftery released. usem surpriser friends!

If couldn’t find photo effect wanted, submitr own effect idea. We happy make new effects available!

What’s , add textr own set resulting image contact icon wallpaper. also save phone memory, sendMMS post Facebook Twitter surpriser friends!

What's version : (Updated : Oct 29, 2013)


If have skipped updating previous version Lab PRO, may encounterbug.after update Lab PRO stops working, please delete appstall again. Please, contact us at support@pho.tothisesn’tlve problem Lab PRO.

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