Saturday, November 23, 2013

Skull Legends [1.01]

Skull Legends [1.01]

Skull Legends


Cate: Games

Price: $0.99

Size: 126 MB


Defendrselfwers, shootr powerful bown’t let skeleton warriors crossr battle lines!

A brilliant evolution classicwer defense, combining person shooter elements role-play. Strategy action like’ve never experiencedfore.

Armrselfcredible bows, combat bracers unique powers, arrows fantastic magic potions.

Standr ground against attack skeleton warriors.

Enter battleground firing customizer defense strategy help specializedwers blockades.

Entertofantastic, epic worldcredible 3D graphics.

Choose idealwers weapons according enemy’ll confront each battlen’t let enemy troops crossr lines.

have makingshero, won't short opportunities prove here!


• 24 playing scenes that take desolate cemeteriesggy marshes ancient ruins chd lands where head enemy legions resides.

• 15 different kinds skeleton warriors. Fight against ancient Celts, Roman legionnaires, Vikings Samurais... each unique powers.

• 6 types defensewers 3 levels specialization blockades like barricades exploding bls.

• Dark Bookformation various skeleton warriors, defensewers, bows, magic arrows, combat bracers potions that use game.

• Spectacular high-definition 3D graphics thatubt immerse battle.

• Over 25 badges unlock demonstratingr skill at annihilating skeletons.

•treasure chest each time make throughscene each time level up. definitely have earned!

• 2 levels difficulty: rookie hardcore.

• Superbiginalundtrack.

likewer defense games like action, Skull Legendsoutdoubt game.

re's purchase requiredside gameder play scenarios.

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