Sunday, November 3, 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars II v1.1.1 (Unlimited Everything)

Angry Birds Star Wars II v1.1.1 (Unlimited Everything) 2.3+ stronge. Get ready Angry Birds Star Wars II – epic follow-up #1 smash hit game!

Based Star Wars movie prequels, usece good against greedy Pork Federation choosemuch darker path. That’s right; time ever “Join Pork Side” play fearsome Darth Maul, EmperPalpatineor favorites!

JOIN PORK SIDE! time ever play pigs! Wield Darth Maul’suble-bladed Lightsaber, play Darth Vader, General Grievous or villains!

30+ PLAYABLE CHARACTERS!biggest line-up ever playable characters – Yoda, pod-racing Anakin, Mace Windu, Jango Fettmore!

TELEPODS!groundbreaking new way play!w teleportr favorite charactersto game placingr Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods* figuresr ’s camera!

BECOMEJEDI SITH MASTER!Bird Pork Side levels master, plusbonus reward chapterton achievements unlock!

SWAP CHARACTERS PLAY! Switch characters slingshot at any time –rs earn purchase!

ToonsTV READY GO! home hugely popular Angry Birdsons animated series, plusorp-quality videos!

Angry Birds Star Wars II also supports tablet s, unleashce big screen. May birds!

*Availability varies country. Angry Birds Star Wars Telepodsld separately compatible select mobile s. See full list supported sbro:

This game mayclude:

- Direct linkscial networking websites that tendedaudience over age 13.

- Direct linksternet that take players away game potential browse any web page.

- Advertising Rovio products also products select partners.

- option make-app purchases. bill payer should always consultedforehand.

What's New

Get latest Angry Birds Star Wars II update 8 secret levels, 4 extra characters all-new reward levels!

NEW SECRET LEVELS! Find hidden maps unlock 8 all-new secret levels!

NEW CHARACTERS!troducing Hologram Darth Sidious, Silver C3PO, Red Battle Droid Shadowtrooper –rs earn purchase!

NEW REWARD LEVELS! Each new character bringsme awesome new reward levels! Try masterm all!


Unlimited Credits

All Characters Unlocked

Unlimited Power Ups

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