Friday, November 8, 2013

aniPet Freshwater Aquarium Live Wallpape 2.4.8 Full

aniPet Freshwater Aquarium Live Wallpape 2.4.8 Full v2.1+ Aquariumlive wallpaper simulatesfreshwater aquariumteraction.

aniPetFreshwater Aquariumlive wallpaper simulatesfreshwater aquariumteraction.

* 80 fish types, comingon

* Up 10 fish tank

* Able feed fish fish grows

* Matured fish may have babies

* Background change

* Landscape mode

*options available, fish speed, growth speed, food type, light animation,.

To use:

HOME/MENU/Wallpaper/Live wallpapers/aniPet Freshwater

Works live wallpaper supported phones.

Recent changes:

* Added option disable fish growth setting "Fish growth speed" 0.

* Modified slowwn food drop speed.

* Changed background images high definition.

* User customized backgroundw accepts high definitiono.

* Added random fish (changes daily) Ors fish category.

* Modified fish exchange page change fish size easily.

* License check related optimization.