Sunday, November 3, 2013

Christmas Live Wallpaper HD v1.5.1

Christmas Live Wallpaper HD v1.5.1 2.2 up Reindeer, run! Christmas Santa Clauslot work,people world expectir gift. Live Wallpaper, Santa flying over villages give gifts people whose particular method: teleport fireballs.

Now Daydream supportroid 4.2 (JELLYAN)!

Now use gyroscope give 3D perspective when mover .your esn't have gyroscope, uses accelerometerfake gyroscope get3D perspective effect when mover . enable/disable Hologram mode Settings. Enjoy!

HD version special adapted tablets high resolution s HD graphics(like Samsung Galaxy SII), have fireballs, snowfall, reindeers magic dust HD version Christmas Live Wallpaper.

Help Santa Claus achiever goal, let him teleportr tablet haver gift time. appstallations, Santa deliver presents. Join Facebook see howleads.

In full version have:

Speed control.

Sky light.

Snowfall, select amount, speedientation.

Fireballs gifts, select coland amount.

Magic dust, reindeers fly. select coland amount.

Try Christmas Live Wallpaperr "Nexus 4" enjoy Hologram mode!


Home/Menu/Wallpaper/Live Wallpaper-> select Santa Mission: Impossible HD