Saturday, November 2, 2013

Game Releases • har•mo•ny v1.0.2

har•mo•ny v1.0.2 2.2 up
Overview: "har•mo•ny" -consistent,derly, pleasing arrangement parts"

har•mo•ny addictive puzzlercolorful musical game that bringsger simplicity complexity harmony.r objective rearrange blocks accordingpalette colors. Blocks mayly move horizontally vertically each block must use upits moves.phisticated colpalettes range simple boards 3 colors upcredibly challenging 10-colboards. levelscrease,estricacyauty each colpalette.
Accompanied elegant background music harmonizedund effects, har•mo•ny trulygame experienced! Downloadday experience harmony!
• Simple, yet challenging gameplay
• Custom, stically-pleasing colpalettes
• Over 1000autiful levels
• 3-colto 10-colboards
• Natural progressivecrease level complexity
• Latter levels sanely hard!
• Music effects blendger harmony
• Shr progress Facebook!
Be sure shr level progress Facebook challenger friends see how far get!

What's New:
Increased size each purchasable undo pack.
And just reassure, every level 100%lvable!

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Released Yuki918