Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Android KitKat Theme v1.1

Halloweenroid KitKatme v1.1 2.3 up Halloween KitKatmebrand new multi-launcherme designedAndroid launchers,spiredthcomingroid 4.4 OS delicious Kit-Kat confections!

Havebloodcurdling break usual icon pack chillingly detailed, completely custom-designedme.

Featuring FULL graphics support Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher, Apex Launcher, TSFll, Next Launcher 3D, GO Launcher EX, ADW Launcher, ADWLauncher EX, Holo Launcher, SS Launcher, Atom Launcher,more!


+ Halloween KitKat App Helper - Easy-to-useterface automatically applymer favorite launcher,fo help optionalroid launchers,cludes Halloween KitKat wallpaper manager, automatically send any missing icon requests, viewincludedck bars, icons, icon names, much!

+ Halloween KitKat Icon Pack(s) - Over 500+ Kit-Katspired icons special Halloween flavor! Completely custom-designed Kit-Kat style wrappers Kit-Katspired logodividualized text. Any un-med icons appear perfectly unwrapped, sendicon request havemmed. Each iconcludesdividually placed bats, just like actual Halloween Kit-Kat bars!

+ Halloween KitKatck Bar Icons - Bonus iconsclude over 100+ange chocolate wafer imprint icons specifically launcherck bars. Alsocludes white logo specialty Holo KitKat styles, allowing customizeme exactlyr tastes!

+ Halloween KitKat Wallpaper Manager - Perfect wallpaper management system fragmentation, smart wallpaper selectaddslyst wallpaper sizes perfectly matchr . 12 different designs choose, designed multiple sizes (over 72 wallpapers all), perfectly fit highest resolution tablets lowest resolution phones full HD graphics.

Cloud-based wallpaper picker allows directly applywnload wallpaper designsr , giving space freedom use 3rd party wallpaperftw (such Gallery selectively crop even add live wallpaper effects).

Exclusive wallpaper setcludes:roid 4.4 Leaked wallpaper, Halloween Giant KitKat, Spooky OmNomNom,more exclusive BRIONICmes designsspecial Halloween style.

+ Halloween KitKat Clock Widget - Countdown Halloween know when havebreak custom-designed KitKat style clock widget,cludedme availabler widget pack.

+ Halloween KitKatck Bar Pack - Eight different delicious KitKat styleck bars choose, each matching chocolate-imprintedck bar icons available icon pack.

+ Goodness - (SALE) Ultimate KitKat versionwly $1.00 Google Play store:


Thisme (likeskin), must apply using built-in app, apply usingr preferred supporting homescreen / launcher app settings (see support website fullstructions).

Thisme fully supports Apex Launcher, GO Launcher EX / HD,va Launcher, ADWLauncher EX / ADW Launxher, Next Launcher 3D, Action Launcher Pro, TSFll*, Atom Launcher*, Holo Launcher HD*, Smart Launcher*, SS Lauuncher,!

*You must manually applymese launchers, fullstructions app support website.

To change wallpaper:

Press Menu > Wallpaper > Scroll Halloween KitKat Wallpaper > Select wallpapers > Apply

To add Halloween KitKat Clock Widget:

Press Menu > Widgets > Scroll Halloween KitKat Clock > Select resize usingr launcher