Saturday, November 9, 2013

Klyph Pro for Facebook v1.1.1

Klyph Pro Facebook v1.1.1 2.2 up Everyone gets tired ugly, slowficial Facebook app whyn’t givetry Klyph:new client Facebook.

Withnice smooth UI designed followingroid Design Guidelines, Klyph looks like Google+ appfFacebook.

Stillng early development, Klyph may still missme featurestries bringst user experience Facebookrroid s (mobiles tablets).

Please aw that chat currently supportedwebestcludeAP.

Also, due Facebook limitations third-party apps, following features allowed:

• Likepage

• Tagging statuses/comments “@” likeficial Facebook app

• Shstatus/photo/videofriend’s timeline.

Addfriend currentlybroken feature Facebook’s side, we’ve sentbug report,y said thaty fix. see bug report here:

We looking translators. Makingtranslation take less than two hours, contact usyou want make Klyph availabler language.

We always happy receive suggestions, bug reports a thank. We always try answern’t hesitate send usemail.

To people who rate app 1 2 stars : we understand that dislike app eircauses design, bugs anything elseplease, please, letcomment help us improve app.

What's New

Version 1.1.0

Fixed crash at start-up

Fixed albums request crash

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